Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nirvana - Out of the Blue


Artist: Nirvana
Album: Out of the Bule
Year: Unknown
Quality: 320 Kbps

  1. Scoff
  2. Love Buzz
  3. Floyd the Barber
  4. Dive
  5. About a Girl
  6. Spank Thru
  7. Big Cheese
  8. Sappy
  9. Breed
  10. Been a Son
  11. Negative Creep
  12. Blew
  13. Help Me

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Anonymous said...

Hey man, you're so kind to upload the entire discographies of both Nirvana & Alice in Chains (I nearly died) that I wanted to help you with details regarding this album.

The "release" date is 1994, though it is classified as an Unofficial release.

"Out Of The Blue" was recorded on November 22nd, 1989 at the U4 Club, Vienna, Austria (not Seattle University as stated on the sleeve).
Track 8 is incorrectly listed as "Another Rule" on the sleeve.

Reference for this album (and truly, all albums):

Great Blog, great job, and thank you.

~ James