Sunday, December 9, 2007

Placebo - One More With Feeling [2CD Limited Edition]


Artist: Placebo
Album: One More With Feeling
Year: 2004
Quality: VBR^320Kbps

  1. 36 Degrees
  2. Teenage Angst
  3. Nancy Boy
  4. Bruise Pristine
  5. Pure Morning
  6. You Don't Care About Us
  7. Every You Every Me
  8. Without You I'm Nothing
  9. Taste In Men
  10. Slave to the Wage
  11. Special K
  12. Black Eyed
  13. The Bitter End
  14. This Picture
  15. Special Needs
  16. English Summer Rain
  17. Protege Moi
  18. I Do
  19. Twenty Years
  20. Special K (Timo Maas Remix)
  21. Without You I'm Nothing (Unkle Remix)
  22. Every You Every Me (Infected by the Scourge of the Earth Remix)
  23. Prot├ęge Moi (M83 Remix)
  24. Slave to the Wage (I Can't Believe It's a Remix)
  25. Pure Morning (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
  26. Taste in Men (Alpinestars Kamikaze Skimix)
  27. Black-Eyed (Placebo Vs Le Vibrator Mix)
  28. English Summer Rain (Freelance Hellraiser Remix)
  29. This Picture (Junior Sanchez Remix)

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